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The elispot.com homepage is the intellectual property of AID GmbH. You may use content including graphics and downloadable pdf documents for private and educational purposes as long as you do not alter them. You may not use any content of this homepage for commercial use without written consent of AID.

All scientific information on this homepage we do not warrant to be precise, up-to date and complete. Links to other pages are included when we felt they might be interesting to our customers, however we can assume no responsibility for the content. Technical and product information is subject to change without notice. Product specifications may be changed at any time; ask for a quotation with a specific description of the equipment and its features.

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We receive enquiries through phone, fax or (e)mail; however, no technical system is infallible so if you do not hear from us in a couple of days your method of contacting us may have failed. Please try again- preferably by phone.


We employ a spam-filter which monitors incoming mail. This might in extremely rare cases mean that you email to us got lost. Please try again, phone us or fax.

We usually send out quotations by email as a secure pdf document. Please indicate if you need a paper copy! We do not send out newsletters and do not plan to in the near future; if we contact you through email it will not be mass-email but typed and sent to you individually for a specific reason.

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